//  360 Cam



We provide our clients with the best visual technology available. We incorporate techniques and utilise equipment that take video and imagery to the next level.


The use of a 360-degree, panoramic, time-lapse camera system, 360-CAM is part of our visual innovation.  The camera produces superior quality, ultra high-resolution images (40-80 mega-pixels) at set intervals as fast as every five minutes.

These state-of-the-art cameras have many applications: recording the development of construction projects, marketing cities and tourist destinations, and monitoring sites (like ports and airports).


Images are uploaded to a server (via the Ethernet or 3G Wireless) allowing interested parties to track the progress of their project from anywhere in the world. Images from any (daylight) time and date can be viewed and reviewed. The zoom function allows the viewer to pin-point specific sections of the project.

Images can also be made available for public viewing on a client’s website. This is where the camera becomes a powerful marketing tool – people are fascinated by the images, and are motivated to return to the website to view updates.

Throughout the course of a project (or rental period), thousands of images will be captured. These images can then be made into a high-definition, time-lapse video that documents the project from start to finish.


New Era provides a fully-managed service that includes the installation, set-up, maintenance and dismantling of all equipment.



Example viewer: